I am a recent graduate of Edinburgh University’s Fashion Design BA course,  receiving a !st. However, after living in Edinburgh for 3 years I have moved back to Lewisham, South East London where I was born and grew up.

While studying I realised my interest in sustainability and trying to prevent the negative social and environmental impacts of the industry. Through this I discovered a love of creating my own textiles and textures from waste materials or renewable materials such as Old Royal mail sacks and plant-dyed British wool; so I'm usually seeking ways to create new and inviting textures that make people question what they are or want to touch them.

Through my work I try to show that ‘eco’ fashion can still be exciting and avant garde, aiming to dispell the assumptions of it having to be minimal, or hippie or overtly home-crafty. My work plays with silhouette and texture and crosses the boundaries between fashion, costume and fine art. 

While showing my collection at Graduate Fashion Week 2017 I was awarded the ‘Catwalk Textiles’ Prize and won an internship through the Dame Vivienne Westwood Ethical award.

Since Graduating I have interned at Vivienne Westwood, been tutoring part-time at Kingston School of Art and taken part in Fashion Scout’s ‘Ones to Watch’ show, spent 14 months as a Junior Designer at Pentland Brands. I am currently participating as a finalist in the 2019 Redress Design Award.



Photography Caroline Hughes

Photography Caroline Hughes